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Cradle Country Truffles

Cradle Country Farm is located within the sleepy hamlet of Lower Barrington on the pristine North West highlands of Tasmania, known as Cradle Country.  Boasting the cleanest air in the world, with its rich volcanic soil and its climate that resembles the south of France, it is no wonder the region is reputed for the amazing aroma and excellent quality of its French black (Perigord) truffles.  As well as a high demand for our quality truffles to many local markets, Cradle Country Farm is situated only 15 minutes from Devonport’s sea and airports allowing us to easily transport our truffles both nationally and internationally.

Our Truffiere

Sited on the gentle north-eastern facing slopes of Cradle Country Farm, the boutique Truffiere was planted in 2007 with Quercus Robur, the deciduous English oak and Hazelnuts.  Recently, we have expanded the truffiere to include Quercus Ilex or Hollyoak – an evergreen tree so named because the leaf resembles the Christmas Holly bush.  Each tree is inoculated as a seedling and the French black truffle, which is the fruiting body of the fungus Tuber melanosporum, grows in a symbiotic relationship with the trees.   Like all properties some trees produce more frequently and more prolifically than others and within the industry, there is still much to learn about how best to grow and reap more of this elusive and highly sought after harvest.

The truffles which are formed in the top 20 cm of the soil are harvested by hand and graded by Jennifer and her team of the most experienced dog trainers and handlers in Australia.  We have our own resident truffle hunting dogsToby, a Lagotto Romagnolo, an ancient breed better known as the Italian truffle hunting dog and Chicken, our Border Terrier who is the best little truffle hunter and the most photographed farm dog in the world. Each week during June, July and August,  we head out with our wonderful team of truffle hunting dogs to harvest our truffles or often called, black diamonds.  It is just like having Christmas every week.